Barn Wood Sign

DIY Barn Wood Sign

Level of Difficulty: Medium


  • Barn wood
  • Hand sander and extra sand paper
  • Chalk paint (I used Americana Decor Everlasting White for letters)
  • Chalk paint wax ( I used Americana Decor Dark Brown Wax and Transparent Wax)
  • Small paint brush, foam brush, & clean rags
  • Computer & printer accessibility
  • Scissors (some people use a box cutter or exacto knife)
  • Painter’s tape (I used Frog Tape)
  • Hardware and hammer to hang sign

This project was not necessarily hard, but it was tedious to make my own stencil. I’m pretty cheap and refused to give in and buy a stencil (I got pretty close though).

I used leftover barn wood signs from my wedding to make the sign. I didn’t need to buy or cut the wood (score!). I just sanded off previous paint. (Don’t mind special cameos from Rufio the cat and my children’s random items like hair brushes and sippy cups). 
I printed my desired phrase (one word per page) “home sweet home” in “Dancing Script.” I lined up sheets together and used a permanent marker to connect the words.
Next (and most tedious) was to cut out the words. I first tried a small box cutter but it was terrible for me. So I switched to plain old sharp scissors and tediously cut every letter (and middle of letters). Once position where I wanted it I taped the sides to the board with frog tape.
To paint, I used a foam brush and did more “blots” than strokes to prevent leakage. I had to hold the centers of letters down which proved to be a pain in the butt.
I didn’t feel like cutting out more stencils so I wrote in pencil “EST. 2013” and used a small brush to paint it. I also used my small brush to touch up any areas that were missed with foam brush.
Once dry, I lightly sanded the letters to give it a distressed look and match the barn wood feel.
I first used just Americana Transparent Wax with my clean rag, but I wanted it to be a little darker. Once dry, I added a thin layer of Americana Decor Dark Wax.
I ended up adding two of these to the back to help balance my heavy arrow end.
After: I love how well it goes with my shelf!


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