Window Frame Chalkboard

DIY Window Frame Chalkboard

Level of Difficulty: Easy


  • Old window frame (with glass intact)
  • Hand sander and sand paper
  • Safety glasses and mask
  • Chalk paint (I used Americana Decor Treasure Blue and Everlasting White)
  • Cream wax (I used Americana Decor Dark Wax and Transparent Wax)
  • Black chalkboard paint (I don’t recall brand but I bought it at Home Depot)
  • Paint brush, roller, and clean rags
  • Painter’s tape (I love love love Frog Tape)
  • Hardware to hang frame (I bought a heavy duty 60lbs+ hardware from Michael’s frame section)
  • Screwdriver
  • Drawer pull (I bought mine from Home Depot but I found one later from Hobby Lobby that would have let me put screws on outside!)

Ok, so a little honesty here I did the chalkboard part of this project years ago and then while getting married, moving, and having kids I forgot about my project! I recently found it while cleaning out my basement (I know right?!) and decided to finish it. I’m so glad I did.

Chalkboard Steps:

  1. Sand window frame with hand sander (be sure to wear safety glasses and a mask so you don’t breathe in those nasty particles).
  2. Clean entire window frame to remove dust and dirt.
  3. Use painter’s tape to tape off wood frame.
  4. Using a paint roller apply black chalkboard paint (several thin layers work best – check paint can for specific dry times)
  5. Once completely dry use a a piece of chalk to “break in” your chalkboard by brushing entire board with thin layer of chalk.

Frame Steps:

  1. Use painter’s tape to cover edges of chalkboard. Use a paint brush to apply blue chalk paint. Wait approximately 30 minutes and then apply a second layer.
  2. Once dry I used a dry brush technique (very limited, nearly “dry” brush) to apply light strokes of white chalk paint.
  3. Use a piece of sand paper to lightly distress frame. You can go crazy with it or go lightly. I got a little braver the more I did!
  4. After you’ve distressed to your liking use a clean rag to apply a thin layer of dark wax. Apply thin layer of transparent wax to finish.
  5. Either screw or hot glue drawer pull upside down to frame to use as a chalk holder.
  6. Add hardware to back of frame to mount.
I forgot to take a real “before” but this is post-chalkboard but pre-frame.


Americana Decor Treasure Blue Chalk Paint and Transparent Cream Wax – this stuff it magical!


Looks great with my Mason Jar Lanterns. To see the lantern tutorial click here.


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