Harlequin Accent Bench

Piano Bench Makeover

Level of Difficulty: Easy


  • Bench
  • Chalk paint (Americana Decor Everlasting and Rustic)
  • Cream Wax (Americana Decor Transparent Wax)
  • Paint brush and rags
  • Painter’s tape (Frog Tape)
  • Pencil/chalk for marking lines
  • Measuring tape or yard stick
  • Sand paper for distressing


  1. Paint entire bench white (my bench was dark so it took 3 coats!) luckily each coat dries in about 30 minutes.
  2. There are many patterns and stencils to make the harlequin design, but to be honest I kind of suck at math and I didn’t feel like buying a stencil. I like to challenge myself. This ended up much easier than I thought it would be. I simply used my yard stick and drew lightly with a pencil a line from the bottom corner across to the top corner.
  3. I decided (randomly) to make lines 4 inches apart so I measured 4 inches from my original line and kept making them parallel across my entire bench.
  4. To make the diamonds I crossed my other two corners with my yard stick and then measured 4 inches apart.
  5. Next I marked with a little “X” which diamonds I wanted to paint gray (this helps a lot).
  6. I used Frog Tape to outline my “X” diamonds. You will have to do this twice, your tape will cover some of your “X” diamonds. I was able to reuse some of my frog tape.
  7. Once covered I painted a coat of gray. Once dried I painted a second coat and then peeled off my tape before it dried.
  8. Once completely dry I outlined my remaining diamonds. Painted two coats.
  9. Final touch is was lightly distress with sand paper, wipe off dust, and seal with a thin layer of transparent wax.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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