Coffee Table to Ottoman

DIY Coffee Table to Ottoman Makeover

Level of Difficulty: Easy


  • Coffee table (I bought mine for $5 at a garage sale)
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Fabric
  • Foam adhesive (Spray N Bond Basting Adhesive)
  • Fabric protector (Scotchgard Fabric Craft Protector)
  • Foam (I bought a cheap mattress pad and folded in half)
  • Quilt batting
  • Spray paint (Rustoleum White Satin)
  • Screw driver


  1. Using a screw driver remove top portion of coffee table (tip put screws in ziploc so you don’t lose them). Use top portion of coffee table to measure fabric, foam, and batting. Make sure you have enough to pull tight under the table.
  2. Spray foam adhesive on table and quickly place foam on top. Once in place lay quilt batting on ground and place coffee table top and foam on top. Pull batting tightly under and staple in place.
  3. Iron fabric first then place on ground and put coffee table over it. Repeat steps for quilt batting and staple to bottom.
  4. Spray upholstry with fabric protector.
  5. In a well ventilated area (outside is best) spray thin coats of paint on table legs. It took me 3 total coats to cover the table. I started with Krylon paint but I didn’t like the coverage, the bubbles, or drips. So for my 3rd layer I switched to Rustoleum and I loved it! Let dry overnight.
  6. Attached legs back to table top with screws.
Coffee table to ottoman transformation.
Before $5 coffee table from a garage sale.
Remove table top and spray paint in a well ventilated area. Outside is best.
After first layer – it took 3 coats for complete coverage.
To make upholstered top I used a cheap mattress pad (folded in half) and quilt batting (to smooth foam under fabric).
Tip: iron fabric before attaching.
Layers: fabric, quilt batting, foam, foam adhesive.
The finished piece.
Adds a pop of color and modern feel to rustic living room.

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