Train/Play Table

Train/Play Table

Level of Difficulty: Easy (just takes time for coats to dry)

My toddlers LOVE hands-on play that’s interactive and imaginative, however their attention span is about as long as my pinkie finger.

I had been looking for a multi-purpose play table that was sturdy (they climb on everything), cute, and budget-friendly. New play tables are upwards of $100 and let’s be honest, that’s just not going to happen.

I started scouring facebook marketplace for an old coffee table to makeover, but low-and-behold I found MegaBlock table that was well-loved but had a lot of life left in it. Ironically it came from a mom of triplet boys, so I figured if it could withstand the three of them – it would hold up for my two.


  1. Table
  2. MDF Board (cut to size for free by Home Depot!)
  3. Spray Paint (Rust-Oleum – would suggest satin, not matte)
  4. FrogTape (a must! creates crisp edges)
  5. Chalk Paint (I used Aged Gray by Rust-Oleum)
  6. Top Coat Sealer


I bought the table for $25 on Facebook Marketplace and bought a few cans of spray paint and MDF board (cut to size by Home Depot).


I started with the “Train/Car Side” and spray painted the entire side black (I used black matte but liked the satin I used on the green grass better).

While the top was drying I painted the table legs and sides with leftover Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint – Aged Gray (two coats) and sealed it with their matte top coat. (I cleaned the entire table first, but no sanding necessary).

Once the black paint dried (per the back of the can) I used FrogTape to mark off my “road.” I added a little extra blue painters tape to make it a little wider after testing one of my girls’ cars on it.


I hand-painted the white lines with some leftover chalk paint and once it was all dried I sealed it with polyurethane I had leftover from re-doing my floors (you can also buy a spray paint sealer but I like to use what I have on hand).


The finished product! I also spray painted the top of their train bin to add some more color to the playroom.


On the “Play Side” (optional) I used some leftover spray paints from another project and crazy taping to add some color to the playroom!


So happy with how it turned out and it’s a great focal point in my daughters’ new playroom!

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