Reupholstered Gossip Bench

Reupholstered Gossip Bench

Level of Difficulty: Easy


  • Gossip bench
  • Fabric (don’t forget to check online for coupons for Hobby Lobby/Michaels/Jo-Anns)
  • Batting
  • Fabric adhesive (Spray)
  • Fabric protectant
  • Foam ( I used a mattress topper folded in half to save $$$)
  • Staple gun + staples
  • Staple remover
  • Screwdriver and pliers to remove hardware

I bought an antique gossip bench that was in great condition, minus the ugly fabric and worn foam (very flat). So I knew this would be an easy fix and would look great in my small entry way!


  1. Flip bench and remove the seat (usually you only need a screw driver).
  2. Remove all staples from previous fabric.
  3. Toss old fabric and foam (if the foam is still in good condition you can reuse it).
  4. Measure foam (I flip my seat onto it and drew lines).
  5. Spray adhesive between foam and seat.
  6. Lay batting on floor with seat and foam on top. Spray a layer of fabric adhesive between. Measure/cut batting so that there is enough to be pulled underneath and stapled (it does usually have a little stretch, but you can also trim some extra off later.
  7. Pull batting around edges and begin stapling.
  8. Lay on top of fabric and repeat step 6 & 7. Pay careful attention to corners.
  9. I have toddlers and pets, so I spray a fabric protector on top and it has helped with spills!


Before: In good shape, but the foam was flat and fabric was stained (hard to see from picture)
Once the seat is removed, I flipped it over to measure foam, batting, and fabric!
The finished product! Great piece for a small entryway. You can sit to put on your shoes and store them underneath.

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